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Food Safety

Harllee is ahead of the curve in ensuring safe produce.


At every step of cultivation and packing, Harllee enacts the best food safety practices. More than 13 years ago, Harllee was one of the first tomato growers to be certified in food safety.

Harllee continues to exceed all food safety requirements and excels in product testing and traceability. It audits itself for safety in addition to undergoing third-party audits. It has enacted microbial water, environmental and equipment testing, and is known for its ability to prevent pest and glass contamination.

Harllee also ensures all of its workers receive training in hygiene and best practices. And it is always among the first growers to ensure compliance with ever-evolving certification requirements.

Recent Audit Certificates: Click on the link below

2017 Harllee Packing, Inc. USDA Certificate

2017 Primus GFS Certificate




For more information on food safety, please call Lisa at 941-722-7747 ext. 103.

Food Safety

Whether it's product testing and traceability, employee hygiene, auditing or equipment testing, Harllee is a leader in ensuring food safety.

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"The quality of their product is very good, and they always keep me informed. I deal with several other companies, and Harllee far surpasses those companies in service and quality."

- Mike Bommarito of R.A.M. Produce Distributors, Detroit, Mich.

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